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Little Adventures Galactic Villain Cloak Review

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We are over the moon for our new selection of Little Adventures costumes and accessories. The reason is simply the quality and design of these are far superior to most of the costumes you would find on the market and reasonably priced. In this blog post we will be reviewing the Galactic Villain Cloak which is part of the Force Collection.

While the decoration is fairly subdued compared to their line of princess dresses with it's black and gray color, the details are just as beautiful and are to the same quality. The fabric is a black knit jersey very similar to a sports jersey. That means that it is durable for both play and washing. The costume is worn exactly like a robe with an open front that is held closed by a wide belt. The belt itself fastens with Velcro so it is easy for children to get on and off. It is made of a gray polyester jersey material similar to what sports jerseys are made from. It is wide in the center and tapers down for a tailored fit. A contrasting black piping in the same fabric both edges it and decorates the center as a stripe.

Sewn in the middle of that stripe of black is a red flat knitted cord which holds down the decorative buckle. The buckle itself is an unexpected surprise on a child's costume. The buckle is an artistic interlocking infinity design made from metal not plastic. The metal has a brushed nickel finish and while not so thick as to be heavy it is a decent thickness for durability.

The costume also has an attached hood. The exterior fabric is the same black fabric that the body of the costume is made from. The interior is lined with a crimson soft interlock fabric so it is comfortable against the skin.

What really stands out to us on this costume is that it is made from a quality fabric. Most costumes that you find for little boys are so thin and flimsy that they fall apart after just a few times wearing them. We have been through 4 Spiderman costumes for our 4 year old super fan in the past 2 years. At around $20 each for those costumes, we have spent about $60 already. Unlike those costumes, Little Adventures costumes are made from a thicker fabric that is made to be washed. This comes in handy if your child wants to wear their favorite costume all day, every day. The stitching is also high quality. There are no wonky seams or unsewn areas that will fray after the first wash. Every seam is sewn with precision and top stitched for a finished appearance. With the loose design and quality materials, expect this costume to last for a very long time.

Make sure to pair the Galactic Villain costume with the soft foam Galactic Laser Weapon in red or Green. Complete the collection with the Galactic Warrior Cloak for more pretend play fun!

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